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From I-POD to E-REV...Lets Accessorize!

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I would love for the Volt to become the next "must have" cultural gadget. The E-REV Generation...

I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we can toss around some practical, and not so practicle E-REV accessories.

Everything from the "Bumper mounted electric barbeque", to "stick on solar trickle chargers".

Lets have some fun, and who knows, maybe we'll get some great ideas...
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How about retractable door guards? While driving, they could blend into the profile of the car like most are now. But while in public parking lots, they can be extended out an inch or so. That way, you don't get your doors bashed in by the idiot parked next to you. :mad:

Yeah, I know...far fetched.
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