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Thanks for putting these FAQs together

Much easier to find needed info in them, than wading through messages.

I saved it as a favorite in the browser to make finding it easier...seems like it should be linked to under the "FAQS" on the main gm-volt page.

I see frequently that some people have this notion of "future proofing" their charger installation by using 8 or 10 gauge wire and by installing 40 amp breakers or larger. Under normal circumstances this would work ok. But of course doing this defeats the purpose of having a breaker which is purposely sized just over required load size to protect from shorts, etc. This mistaken notion has been corrected in the forums but this correction should be posted prominently in the charger FAQ so that someone hopefully does not end up burning down their house because they wanted to "future proof" their EV Charger installation.

Also for the charger FAQ... The voltec charger does not have an accomodation for someone who wants to run the wire from the top. This is done to provide protection from water getting into the charger I suppose. Since my charger is inside my garage this was not as much a concern for me, and entering the charger from the bottom was not the ideal solution for me, nor were the rear ports because I have block walls in my garage. My solution was to mount the charger to a wooden block, with a slot cut from the top of the block down to one of the rear ports. I filled the area where the wire enters the block with gray putty to protect from any "stray moisture."

Also the charger manual posted was not specific about the number of conductors required. I had thought since there are control electronics in the unit that it might require a neutral conductor for 120v electronics. This is not the case. Noting that a 12-2 conductor with ground is all that is required might be helpful.

Thanks again for putting the FAQs together, greatly appreciated
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