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Frequent delays in parts for Volt repairs?

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So I'm on three weeks now without my Volt while waiting for my partial HV battery replacement part. I've actually had similar issues in the past with other Volt parts. It's odd that I'm often without my car for weeks when repairs are needed. Everyone else have similar experiences, or am I just unlucky?
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So the piece of the battery pack has FINALLY shipped! Hope to get the car back late next week, which means I won't hit my other record of six weeks without the Volt. If all goes as planned, I should be at just over 4 weeks when completed. Looking forward to getting it back!
Maybe the Volt parts are old school, hand crafted!
Good one! Certainly better than salvaged parts. Maybe in 10 years we'll be able to do 3D printing of our car parts, including a new battery haha.
Battery has finally been delivered to the dealership. Fingers crossed!

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I've got a great service manager who sent me pics of the battery taken apart. Pretty wild.

I circled part of one, was wondering if that was burn or just shop dust haha
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More Battery Pics

I guess I'm the only one that finds this interesting. The car is probably super light without this monster. Machine Transport Machine tool Bumper Vehicle
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