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Free Charging.....Finally

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The free ChargePoint Station has finally been activated in our Senior Community. As far as I know I own the only plug-in far. So that baby is MINE!
My 52 mile daily commute is 71% EV miles because of the 7 mile climb out of the valley to get to the main highway. I typically use .29 to .36 gallons of gas total for the daily commute. So henceforth that will be my cost to commute to work. A gallon of gas every three days.
I can live with that. I love my Volt!

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Now all you have to worry about is that your free charger will be iced fairly often.
We live in a private gated community. The only time I have seen the spot ICE'd is during a function in the club house. It is not right in front so hopefully that does not happen often. I used the 10 "grace charging sessions" without issue. It took 3 weeks of me bugging the managers for them to call and activate the station. Pretty excited it is finally operational!

2014 Volt Premium - Safety pkg 1 and 2, Navigation
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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