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Free Charging.....Finally

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The free ChargePoint Station has finally been activated in our Senior Community. As far as I know I own the only plug-in far. So that baby is MINE!
My 52 mile daily commute is 71% EV miles because of the 7 mile climb out of the valley to get to the main highway. I typically use .29 to .36 gallons of gas total for the daily commute. So henceforth that will be my cost to commute to work. A gallon of gas every three days.
I can live with that. I love my Volt!

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I was in Woodland CA over the weekend and looked for a L2 to charge. Found some at different sites but (1) fully occupied with other EVs, (2) would not accept my credit card and (3) behind locked gate. I could have gone to other sites but didn't have the time. I am glad I was driving my Volt and not my LEAF.
He he he. I might be one of those occupants... I know quite well the peak times that some of the charging stations are occupied so I always have a spot. The one in Woodland High School at Beamer St has always vacant spots considering that they have 8 slots. All the public charging stations that I know in Woodland are free! I do my daily exercise from home to the stations and in turn get free charging and free workout. Having an EV is truly good for your health and the planet.
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