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Free 2017 Volt just pay the taxes

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I have read some of the stories of the great deals that some of you have gotten over the years purchasing Volts so I started thinking of how someone in California could get a free Volt. So here is my best shot.

Right now in California there are several standard rebates:
Volt Cash Allowance $1,000
Tag Bonus for cars that have been on the lot for a while $1,000

I have seen dealers around me discounting Volts for $3,200 to 3,700 off.

Then there are of course other rebates like the Conquest Bonus $500 or the Farm Bureau $500.

So it should be pretty easy to get $4,200 to $6,700 off with dealer discount and rebates. Then there is the possibility of more rebates with the GM Card. The GM card max is $3,500 but there is bonus right now for up to $1,500 additional dollars. So there's another $5,000 off.

There are other possibilities for additional amounts of money with Replace Your Ride or the San Joaquin Valley Vehicle Replacement program that is similar to RYR. Replace Your Ride is up to $9,500 of additional assistance. However, RYR is income based & location based and requires an older vehicle to trade in to receive the money.

Then you have the Federal tax rebate of $7,500 and the State Rebate (CVRP) of up to $3,500 for the Volt. Then there are local rebates such as the San Joaquin Valley Drive Clean Rebate of $2,000.

So hypothetically someone could get a 2017 Volt for almost free. I am sure others will know of more rebates that are stackable like the Recent College Grad or the Military rebate to get the Volt closer to free or examples of the 20% off of MSRP that they had in the summer months. Let's here more of your great stories of how you got your Volt for almost free. :cool:

2017 Volt Lt $34,095
Dealer Discount -$3,700
Price $30,395
Conquest Bonus -$500
Volt Cash Allowance -$1,000
GM Card w/bonus -$5,000
Farm Bureau -$500
GM Tag Bonus -$1,000
Price Net Rebates $22,395
Taxes 7.75% $2,361.81
Replace Your Ride -$9,500
Fed Tax Rebate -$7,500
State Rebate -$3,500
San Joaquin Valley Rebate -2,000
Total Price OTD $2,256.61
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Somebody has WWWWAAAAYYYY too much free time.

Maybe you need that family of 10 packed into your "free" Volt.
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