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Forum Classifieds Policy

Failure to follow the rules of this forum WILL result in removal of your thread.

Personal Sales Only!This area of GM-volt is reserved for selling personal items. Here are a few basic rules/guidelines that you should follow, as well as some tips to help you with your selling item. This also means "your" presonal items.

All personal classified ads must be placed in the Buy, Sell, Trade section of the forum and no where else.

No person shall sell any item on behalf of a business. If you are a business and would like to advertise your goods here - please consult with one of the site administrators first! Any company selling items without prior permission will have their offending threads removed. No linking items that are for sale on other sites such as eBay or Craigslist as part the advertisement. All information about the item for sale will be located on this forum unless it is a link to the manufacture's website.

No side businesses selling items that the forum vendors are already providing. Please PM a member of the forum staff for approval before posting your side business ad. Any unapproved side business threads will be removed. If you'd like more information on how to become a vendor please email [email protected]

NO Piggybacking Do not mention your item for sale in another's thread. Create a new thread for each sale.

Please post the location or zip code of you or where your items are located, it helps reduce clutter in the threads and may help your item sell quicker.

Bumping (moving your thread to the top of the page), too frequently and someone will call you on it. A good rule is 24 hours. Adding pictures or answering questions inside of a thread does not apply to the "24 hour bumping" rule.

This is not an auction site Post a price. If you want people to "bid" on your item, take it to ebay. Trade feeler threads are allowed, but if it turns into a FS thread, seller MUST post a price or the thread will be immediately closed or deleted.

If you are selling multiple times concurrently or if you have several threads posted, please consider consolidating your items into one thread.

You must own the item you are selling Just as you are not allowed to let others use your account, you must own the item for sale.

Be courteous and stay safe! Keep in mind, this section is here as a courtesy to our active members. Use these classifieds at your own risk. While we hope these few restrictions will help assure smooth transactions we do not police these ads for content, veracity or legitimacy and you agree to use them at your own risk.

Cautious Payments! We do advise against making non disputable payments like PayPal gifts or a direct payment wiring from your bank.
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