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This is old news. Ford announced the development of new "Energi" models months ago. Search this forum for past posts, which includes a spy photo of the Escape Energi.

Ford developed the first U.S. production hybrid (a small CUV) in 2005 way before the Chevy Volt was a concept. Yet they stopped the Escape Hybrid in 2012 and as its replacement offered the C-Max Hybrid and later the C-Max Energi.

We who have seen (and driven) the Escape know that Ford should had kept the Escape Hybrid. The Explorer Hybrid could had been its second "hybrid".
For the MY 2004 Chevrolet released it's first hybrid that I know of, the Silverado Hybrid. It failed. As did the second attempt, and it doesn't look good for the Three Strikes law.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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