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For those waiting for their Model 3

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You can follow owner, You You Xue, who has been documenting his experience on the Tesla Model 3 Road Trip Facebook page.

But a number of issues have emerged with the car, which were summarized by one commenter on a Reddit thread about the extensive trip:

Problems reported here in 3 days if i’m not wrong: 1. Air bag light. 2. Tire pressure sensor. 3. Charging lid. 4. Wipers knock. 5. Music system noises. 6. Service response malfunction. 7. Loud pop in back and warning light. 8. 12v plug not working. 9. Low quality wiper blades leaving strikes. 10. Time zone recognition. 11. Mistakes in charging rates calculation. And low quality “upgraded” music system.
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There are many software updates that should be offered to older Volts that never will be, like Hold mode, etc.
I recall a tuner post were someone either asked for this mod via a software tune or a claim was made that it could be done.
GM indicated hardware was also require to add Hold to a 2011 so maybe there is more to this particular update than just software.

Based on some recent posts, it looks like the 2018 Bolt will have an OTA update module. Assuming that's true, what it may be used for is unknown.
The 2017 Bolt has the mysterious K56 module already. I wouldn't get too excited though. The salesman explains that GM under Mary Barra is ultraconservative when it comes to safety (liability), anything related to changing the car part of the car is going to be done by service where there is ironclad documentation of what, who, and when. The fluff part (infotainment), that's already being OTA'd.
Thanks for the clarification, Jmaj! So you are saying GM is conservative and more than a little shy about being sued by people and is focused on safety? I wonder why Mary Barra would feel that way....
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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