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For those waiting for their Model 3

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You can follow owner, You You Xue, who has been documenting his experience on the Tesla Model 3 Road Trip Facebook page.

But a number of issues have emerged with the car, which were summarized by one commenter on a Reddit thread about the extensive trip:

Problems reported here in 3 days if i’m not wrong: 1. Air bag light. 2. Tire pressure sensor. 3. Charging lid. 4. Wipers knock. 5. Music system noises. 6. Service response malfunction. 7. Loud pop in back and warning light. 8. 12v plug not working. 9. Low quality wiper blades leaving strikes. 10. Time zone recognition. 11. Mistakes in charging rates calculation. And low quality “upgraded” music system.
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Fascinating how ready Jalopnik and you guys are to pay attention to the reports from a rich kid (he has an SP100D) who is such an idiot that he drove the 3 at 141 mph on a dark highway passing a number of cars in the right lane. And posted a video of it.

And some of what he complains about is ridiculous like the windshield wipers.
And there are numerous reports on TMC that the sound system is great and better than the upgraded systems on the S.
And none of it has required service to allow him to keep racing across the country.

I wouldn't believe anything this guy reported unless someone credible verified it.
Well, if Tesla were shipping the Model 3 in quantity...we might be able to determine if the ONE Model 3 user was an aberration...:)
I ran across this on Reddit:

Here is what I miss - No cruise control + or - on the steering wheel. I have to reach to the screen to increase or decrease cruise speed. If someone knows what I am missing do let me know. Cannot switch radio stations. You can skip songs but that's it.

The battery lost about 15-20 miles per day sitting in the garage during the long weekend.
You have to take your hand off the wheel to adjust the Cruise control??...Hmmm...:(

That is some serious parasitic loss!!!
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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