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Florida Volt LT deal

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Got a new Volt Lt 2017 for $31900 all taxes/fees included in Florida, 0% APR. - dealer Maher Chevrolet. $2500 off MSRP + $2500 rebates. I was leasing volt before and I had $500 farm bureau. And on top of all that, $700 Costco executive cash card. Off course, $7500 fed tax credit when the taxes are filled next year and some $500 tax credit on capital spending (6% florida tax). So, I will end up paying $23100 out of pocket and will finance $31900 with 0% apr 60 months. Not bad for Florida. Good luck shopping!
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Awesome. Any packages with that price?

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Congratulations! Did you get any packages with that price?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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