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Flood preparations?

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Hi all,

I live in Savannah, Ga, which finds itself in the projected path of Hurricane Irma. Looks like I'm going have to evacuate for the 2nd time in a year. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to leave my '15 Volt behind while the minivan gets evacuation duty. There's a good chance we'll get flooding in my area, so my question is, what should I do to prepare the Volt to give it the best chance of survival? I'm thinking I should disconnect the 12 volt battery, and pull the main disconnect for the traction battery. Is there anything detrimental in doing this? I'll probably put it up on jackstands, too. Anything else I should do?
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Move the car to high ground. Find a parking lot that's on a hill, better yet find a parking garage and park on an upper floor. A few hundred dollars in parking fees is worth it to prevent your car from being destroyed.
If your street is subject to flooding then it's a mistake to keep the car there. Put it in a parking garage on an upper floor. Parking garages are made of of reenforced concrete so they won't blow down in a hurricane and unless it's a flood of biblical proportions it won't reach the second floor, certainly not the third floor.
During Harvey, some locals had the same parking garage idea but they went to a (free) shopping mall which had the police tow them off.
I'm suggesting a paid parking garage. As for a parking mall that had peoples cars towed in the wake of a catastrophic storm, they should be boycotted, they deserve to go out of business.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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