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Flood preparations?

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Hi all,

I live in Savannah, Ga, which finds itself in the projected path of Hurricane Irma. Looks like I'm going have to evacuate for the 2nd time in a year. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to leave my '15 Volt behind while the minivan gets evacuation duty. There's a good chance we'll get flooding in my area, so my question is, what should I do to prepare the Volt to give it the best chance of survival? I'm thinking I should disconnect the 12 volt battery, and pull the main disconnect for the traction battery. Is there anything detrimental in doing this? I'll probably put it up on jackstands, too. Anything else I should do?
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I whole heartily agree with BJ. During Hurricane Sandy I parked my vehicle in a high rise in the most interior sections in order to protect the car. Now while entrance of the bldg did flood on the lower levels and our area lost electricity, the car was untarnished on the upper levels. I can not say the same for friends of mine whose vehicles that were left on the street or housed in street level garages and parking lots. They were totaled either by flood waters or objects striking into them including a boat and tree limbs.

In short Flood waters are only one component of a huge storm like Irma, objects picked up by the high winds can devastate your vehicle, so why play russian roulette, and be penny wise pound foolish.

One side note make sure your fully charged, and a full tank of gas and leave some water inside your vehicle as extra place to store water should the pumps of your water system go out. Keep in mind Gas stations may loose power to pump, and of course you will have the benefit of driving on electrons once flood waters recede by taking these simple precautions. As for disconnecting battery, I would not think that necessary if your high up in a parking garage. Should damage occurred to your vehicle it would be from the parking structure being compromised not flood waters. But if you feel better about doing it go do it.
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