In the next three months Fisker says it ought to be able to deliver 3,000 Karmas worldwide.

This would be more than the Volt's first few months' deliveries to North America, and a strong beginning for the California-based start-up, which is also preparing for a truly paradigm-changing volume of “EVer” vehicles within a few years, assuming plans work out.

The first order of business is to deliver Karmas to around 3,000 pre-order customers, according to Fisker’s communications director, Roger Ormisher. These hinge on required federal and state emissions certifications, which he said should be completed very soon.

Henrik Fisker sits in front of his Karma.

Actually, “Imminent is the word I would use!” Ormisher wrote in an e-mail yesterday. “There will be a communication from us in the next couple of days.”

We’ll look forward to that, but this is where things stand as of now.

“The first main shipment of cars is on its way from Finland and will be here within the next two weeks, Ormisher said (last week) in a previous email, “We expect to be able to ship those cars direct to retailers for their registration. Our current plans enable us to fill all the initial deposit holder orders by the end.”

Most of its Karma deliveries are for U.S. and European customers, Ormisher said, but he did not have a precise breakout.

“We don't have exact numbers at the moment as it depends on order build, but they will be split between U.S. and Europe,” Ormisher said. “We have a lot of orders in Germany, etc., and more than 100 in Holland!”

And if near-term goals are not eyebrow raising enough, next year Fisker aims to deliver nearly as many Karmas as GM plans for its Volts and Amperas this year (if you exclude 2,500 demos).

“Our aim in 2012 is to deliver some 10,000-12,000 Karmas globally,” Ormisher said.

But this is still only the beginning, as Fisker is preparing to bring as many as six variations based on two platforms of extended-range electric vehicles into the market prior to 2015 – the same period GM has reportedly put Voltec spinoffs on hold .

Indeed, Fisker is betting its future on developing derivatives of a type of vehicle GM first brought to market as the Volt – for which it now conservatively is building a market; a rising tide to raise all boats, even ones badged "Fisker."

The bulk of Fisker’s vehicles are likely to be three variants of the Project Nina to be built in a former GM factory in Wilmington, Del.

Not to be confused with EREV, or any other monikers used for these kinds of vehicles, Fisker has said it produced " the world's first ."

Fisker has said it is investing $175 million in the plant’s renovation, began initial hiring for Wilmington in June, and ultimately hopes to directly create 2,000 jobs, and indirectly 1,000 more.

The line of smaller extended-range cars will reportedly start at around $47,000 before incentives.

We have no Nina photos, and Ormisher has said it’s too early to talk much about it, but Fisker has previously said it intends to build between 75,000 and 100,000 Ninas by 2014 – plus, we can foresee with greater certainty – many thousands of the Karmas and its variants .

We shall see how it all plays out, but it could all start any day now, or as soon as emissions certifications are approved.