Electric car maker Fisker has just announced a new patent on better batteries.

The new patent is for a solid-state battery technology. The new type of battery promises more energy density than lithium-ion cells, as well as better cold temperature operation and the ability to charge much more quickly.

Fisker says that its own battery will offer two-and-a-half times the energy density of the company's current battery design, and that would make its car capable of 500 miles range. The company said that the new battery could charge in as little as a minute. That claim is in line with what other solid-state battery pioneers, including Satki3, have said. Satki3 is a solid-state battery company based in Michigan but owned by vacuum company turned potential automaker Dyson.

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Solid state batteries offer other advantages to lithium-ion, such as lower cost and a reduced risk of fire or explosion. The construction of the battery offers more surface area for the electrode which is part of why it can better handle cold temperatures and quick charging. Solid-state batteries also avoid issues with delamination of the electrode, and lithium deposits causing reduced battery life. They use a solid electrolyte, instead of the liquid used in conventional batteries.

Fisker is planning to display the new battery at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The battery will share the stage with Fisker's nearly-ready EMotion electric car, although that model will still use a more conventional battery. Fisker is taking deposits now on the EMotion, which it said will have a 400 mile range.

Fisker isn't the first to work toward a solid-state battery pack. Toyota has also said that it has a solid-state battery that is expected to hit production in an electric vehicle by the early to mid 2020s.