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First work week with my new Volt = VERY HAPPY

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So my daily work commute is 12 miles to the office. I live in the Denver Suburbs. The elevation at my home is 5600ft. I work in Downtown Denver and the elevation there is 5280 ft.

So when I leave my house the EV range is 52 or 53 miles. But whats really cool is when I arrive at work I still have 52 Miles! I think because its mostly downhill. The ICE is not turning on at all when its above 35 degrees.

When I get home from work I've only used about 10 miles of EV for the entire day. So my charge time is very short overnight. I think this is great and is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with my new Volt!

Of course if its really cold the engine comes on and I lose a whole lot more EV. But even when the temps were below 10 degrees I would get home with 20 EV remaining.

I think this was the perfect car for my type of commute to buy. I'm very impressed so far!
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that sounds fun. I have a Gen 1 and a 38 mile commute (76 miles round trip) going from 1470 ft to 950 ft with free charging at work (yea!)
The upshot of that is (in warm weather) if I drive normally I tend to make it in to work with a mile or two left on the battery and if I'm very careful going home I can usually make it to within a mile before the REX kicks in.

Of course in cold/bad weather all bets are off.

Sometimes I have quite a bit of "battery envy" against you Gen 2 owners <grin>
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