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First work week with my new Volt = VERY HAPPY

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So my daily work commute is 12 miles to the office. I live in the Denver Suburbs. The elevation at my home is 5600ft. I work in Downtown Denver and the elevation there is 5280 ft.

So when I leave my house the EV range is 52 or 53 miles. But whats really cool is when I arrive at work I still have 52 Miles! I think because its mostly downhill. The ICE is not turning on at all when its above 35 degrees.

When I get home from work I've only used about 10 miles of EV for the entire day. So my charge time is very short overnight. I think this is great and is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with my new Volt!

Of course if its really cold the engine comes on and I lose a whole lot more EV. But even when the temps were below 10 degrees I would get home with 20 EV remaining.

I think this was the perfect car for my type of commute to buy. I'm very impressed so far!
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If I were you, I'd experiment with not quite fully charging in the evening. By leaving the car a bit less topped-off, you might still regain a full charge by the time you get to work. That's because when the Volt hits a certain high state of charge, it just rejects the extra energy and doesn't send it to the battery. It really all depends on how much excess regen power is being rejected on your downhill, inbound half of the commute. Of course, if any regen gains are NOT actually exceeding the power needed for the distance traveled, well, this wouldn't work... but I'd still look into it!

Glad to hear you like your new ride!
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