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On Friday, January 21, Jeff Kaffee, the first Volt owner is introduced by Susie Gharib for Nightly Business Report on PBS. Jeff did a great job talking and showing the nation how the Volt handles and operates after a month behind the wheel. The video of the interview is amazing, as he is allowed to talk 100% of the time, no questions! Here is the transcript of the news segment that started just before 22 minutes into the program. Notice how Susie brings up his previous make and model right away!


Don't let the length of the transcript fool you. The 3 minute video is a must see as it is a first hand account.

Remember to start watching at minute 21:52 for the narrated test drive and footage of gas lines in the '70s.

Choose the Friday, Jan 21, 2011 video (Adobe Flash player):

Here are the video and audio links for mobile devices:

The above only works on the computer for iTunes. For the iPhone and iPad, open the iTunes icon and select Podcasts. Search for NBR and download the Friday, January 21 - NBR video podcast. Open the podcast using the iPod icon. The Volt story will appear at minute 21:32 when viewing the podcast.

Nightly Business Report is not available on the PBS App for iPhone/iPad as of this date.

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