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We traveled to Decatur TX to visit family, after a 300 miles drive, and time to get to the Baymont Hotel with my Volt.
Of course before my trip I looked to see if any Hotels offered EVCS, or allowed plug in., didn't see any, so we normally stay at the Baymont, with Gov. Discount, $59 a night couldn't pass up. After checked in I asked if I could plug in my Volt ⚡, they said absolutely no problem ��, so just so happened I parked directly in front of a outside outlet. I enabled the Unplug alarm, I placed a �� padlock on the handle. Plugged in, it was 9pm, the app shows full charged by 4pm,the next day.. We plan to leave at 9:30, quickly switched to the 12 Amp., a wow, now showed complete charged by 9AM. Perfect ��, I got up after the free breakfast I received a notice completely charged volt. ��
So hats off, and thank you Baymont Hotel.
I hope to see if you asked at other Hotels experience.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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