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First set of issues with 2013 Volt! (But its okay!)

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In almost 2 years of ownership, I've had my first problem with the Volt. Thanks to this forum I was able to get this fixed quickly and under warranty.

The dreaded click upon acceleration during stop/low speeds was really bad.

The dealership said it was not covered under warranty even AFTER I explicitly asked them if it was. They of course wanted to charge me $140 for a "Vehicle Inspection Fee" just in case it was not under warranty. So after reading the forums here and then talking to the warranty specialist at the dealership, it was free. Take that plastic washer!

We got it from the dealer and took it home. It sat for 2 days and a new problem showed up.

The Volt just shut down on my wife. Basically said battery saving mode enabled and then it would no longer turn on. My guess is the 12V battery died but we shipped it to the dealer and they had to keep it overnight. But she did say that when they turned on the car manually (her words) that the gas generator kicked on. The car had fully charged overnight. So hopefully nothing too wrong.

Sh*t happens.

In 2 years of ownership, I'm very happy that this is the first problems I have had and they will probably be warranty/routine maintenance. Considering this is also a used Gen I Volt, I consider myself very lucky.

One question though.....if the 12V did die, have any of you jump started the car? I read on how to do it....but wasn't sure if the Portable jumpers (USB ones) were a negative ground system?

Thanks to this guys are awesome.
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I was reading over your thread and I too, have a 2013 Volt and have noticed a click every time I brake and accelerate. Sounds like a relay clicking somewhere in the dash. Is this the click that yours had? Also, what did you do to fix it?
Yes, that's it !!! I just bought a 32mm, 6 point socket....took out my handy torque wrench and torqued the axle nuts to 185 ft.lbs. Both my nuts where around 100 - 110. Socket only cost me $5 at Harbor Freight.
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