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Amazing dealer service-department experience.

Their waiting room (unlike Sears, Pep Boys, or Chevrolet) is awesome. The restroom has actual cloth towels that are re-washed like a hotel room. (Little hamper to place used ones in.) Coffee like other waiting rooms, but better. And also refrigerated and room-temp snacks. Six TVs and pretty comfortable couches in six separate groupings. Available computers for surfing etc. Of course the usual magazines featuring Cadillac models.

My appointment was yesterday morning at 8am for the 7500mi service interval. Since the car was built in January 2014, I had them change the oil (38% life) as well. Complained about a fan making noise and a small vibration at highway speeds.

Was greeted immediately by a service writer who was very friendly and helpful. He checked on me a couple times in the waiting room seeing if I needed anything. Got me in and out in a reasonable time. Only glitch is they ran out of charcoal canisters so I had to come back today.

Today, the same writer came out and remembered my face and name. Greeted me with a smile and got down to it. He reserved a loaner (2015 XTS) for the couple hours I needed to run around doing things. (I probably could have requested one yesterday and just left my baby. Nooooooo!!) The loaner girl (she was like 24) was very cute and very friendly. Got me going pretty fast. Yacked about her new Veloster and avoiding cops. (Did I say 'very cute'?).

Interior of the XTS was similar to ELR. Except for ELR-specifics such as fuel door release and energy displays. Didn't like the power seat as well and there were no driver-assist features like lane keeping alert, ACC, or blind spot alerts. Kind of a plain car, but, my co-workers were impressed with the look. (black on black). CUE and DIC were pretty much the same vintage as ELR. I like ELR's firmer suspension and tighter steering better. Sounded and felt like a pretty weak 4-banger under the hood. Transmission shifts were jerky. Radio was awful (not Bose). I guess REDD has me spoiled with the EV experience!

Drove around doing my things. Almost hit a guy during a lane change (in the blind spot) and had to slam on the brakes when some bozo stopped in the passing lane. The Caddy was very nice about it. No squealing or iffy control.

Writer called me a couple hours later and said my ELR was ready. Got some gas since I used a couple gallons and went back to pick up REDD. Same guy helped me over to the check-out person near the waiting room. (Everyone helping me opened doors etc.)

They didn't find anything unusual about the cooling fans. It was just a little noisy when outside the car, so, I thought it might be bad. The vibration is better, but, I still feel something at 70mph. Kind of sounds like something vibrating/buzzing (This is in EV mode, so, it's not the ICE.) instead of tires/wheels. The steering wheel doesn't vibrate (never did).

Walked around the lot admiring the new Cadillacs and couple of classics plus a Fisker yesterday. No time for that today.

Fixed - recall for emissions.
Fixed - oil change
Fixed - 7500 tire rotation (PSI was normalized. It was a little low.)
Fixed - balanced tires/wheels
No issue - fan noise
Maybe - vibration (Very small. Most people wouldn't notice.) Seems better though. Might be the clean windshield.
REDD was washed before delivery. Both days.

Only charge was $25 as I asked them to spin-balance the wheels/tires. Plus a couple bucks for gas.

Couple things they could have done better:
- Loaner car needs proof of insurance. Could have avoided getting my car back from service to show that with better communication. My first time, so, maybe experienced Caddy owners know this.
- Loaner car was cleanish. Should have been spotless.
- Yesterday's time estimate was off. But not bad. Might have been the car-wash guys. (2 hours instead of 1.5). Didn't matter today since I had the loaner to drive around.
- Make sure ya got all the stuff in stock for a recall! Making customers come back in is not good service.
- Change the controls back to the customer's preference. My A/C was set at 61F!.

Overall, good experience. Chevy dealer was good. Cadillac was better and friendlier.
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