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First Ever Volt Nation Event - NYC 3/19/08

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We are about to have the first ever Volt Nation event on March 19th at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City.

There we will meet, inspect the car, and have open dialogue with the entire Chevy Volt executive team.

This area will be here for people to network before and after the show and be able to put up content they have gathered, including facts, interviews, and photos.

If ou get video, post it to YouTube and link it here.

Now the Revolution has truly begun. Power to the People!
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Witness History

We will let those know within 24 hours if they made it. The pass is only good for the Volt Nation event March 19th from ~3pm to 7PM.
This is truly going to be an opportunity to participate in a slice of history. I'm sooo stoked (but then again, I don't get out much):) Thanks again, Lyle. This is really going to be something! See you on the 19th.
God Bless

Jim I,

I clicked on your link and then on ticket purchase, but the earliest date that you could buy tickets was Friday the 21st. That's when the show officially opens to the public.

If there is a way to extend our press pass, or get into the show on Thursday, I would definately stay an extra day in NYC.

This is what's listed for "our" day:
Wednesday, March 19, 2008
All Day LeMay Museum Exhibit
Open to the press 1E Hall, Level 1
7:15am - 9:30am NYIAS/IMPA Opening Press Breakfast
Keynote Speaker: Robert L Nardelli Credentials Required Special Events Hall, Level 1
8:00am- 11:00am NADA Industry Relations Symposium
By Invitation Only Palace Hotel
9:40am - 5:00pm Manufacturers Press Conferences
Credentials Required Show Floor

So I guess we'll get "credentials"? That would seem like the Press Pass mentioned.
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Can you paste your list of questions and answers here when / if you get answers?

When is the Volt going to be released to be sold, is there a waiting list that Chevy has (or will have)?
There is defintiely a waiting list, but I don't know if GM has it or recognizes it other than as a soft measure of demand. One of our questions will be "Can I give you a deposit TODAY????"

Can anyone recommend a parking garage within a reasonable distance of the Javitz Center? If I had an address, I can handle getting the directions in and out of the city.
Thanks in advance,
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