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First Ever Volt Nation Event - NYC 3/19/08

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We are about to have the first ever Volt Nation event on March 19th at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City.

There we will meet, inspect the car, and have open dialogue with the entire Chevy Volt executive team.

This area will be here for people to network before and after the show and be able to put up content they have gathered, including facts, interviews, and photos.

If ou get video, post it to YouTube and link it here.

Now the Revolution has truly begun. Power to the People!
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Questions for Volt Nation

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Wednesday! I've read through the previous Q&A and several of my questions have been answered (like can the batteries be swapped in and out and will there be accessories). So here are a few I haven't seen specifically related to us:

1) We're here in New York (Long Island, NJ, CT, Westchester). We probably have a GM dealer we work with now for our car (Chevy Store, etc.) When the Volt comes out, on day one, or in month one, will it be one of those California Electric deals, or will we be able to pick up our car from our local dealer here in the tri-state area?

2) I've been driving my 1984 Camaro Berlinetta since it was new, for 24 years, and it has served me very well, but I'm ready to trade it in for a Volt. Lyle's waiting list is above 10,000 and I'm probably number 9,900. What are my chances of getting a Volt in the first weeks after it comes out?

3) What is GM's marketing strategy for the Volt? Will the commercials be in line with the idea that you can drive 40 miles on NO GAS? Will they talk about (not in these terms) screwing the oil barons and giving America back to the farmers and hard workers (it's flex fuel, remember)? What will be the hook to make this the most popular car in America?

I'll probably think of some more. Thanks for your consideration.

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