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First Ever Volt Nation Event - NYC 3/19/08

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We are about to have the first ever Volt Nation event on March 19th at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City.

There we will meet, inspect the car, and have open dialogue with the entire Chevy Volt executive team.

This area will be here for people to network before and after the show and be able to put up content they have gathered, including facts, interviews, and photos.

If ou get video, post it to YouTube and link it here.

Now the Revolution has truly begun. Power to the People!
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Eric - I've cut/pasted your 3 questions to my list, which is now over 25. With over 250 of us, it's VERY unlikely GM will be able to address all questions, so don't get your hopes up too much.
Can you paste your list of questions and answers here when / if you get answers?

When is the Volt going to be released to be sold, is there a waiting list that Chevy has (or will have)?
park at the ferry in WeeHawken, NJ and take the ferry across (, brings you 1 block from the Javits center. Parking in the city will cost +$25 or more, plus crossing with your car will cost $6 or $7. The ferry parking is about $10 and the ferry roundtrip is about $20, normally they also sell the show tickets there so you don't have to wait in line at the Javits center.
I was disappointed that the NYC auto show did not have the prototype Volt on display. That is really the only reason that I went to the show.

Also, the show did not have many displays of "new" technology, no models of engines / trans cut aways that actually work, to show how things work, etc....that would have been nice for the young kids to see in action.
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