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First Drive Beyond EV Range of my 2014 Volt

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We had to go from Hemet, CA to San Diego, CA today for our youngest daughter's baby shower. 195 mile round trip. I left the car in Normal Mode. I got a range of 52.1 miles on a full charge and 42 mpg when running in ICE mode. Average mpg of 57.2. I normally do a 26 mile trip to work, recharge there and do the reverse 26 mile trip home for all EV miles.
I am impressed and the more I drive the Volt the more I love it! (We have only had it a month or so). Note: Cruise Control was set at 63 mph for the highway portion of the trip which accounted for an estimated 95% of the miles.

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Im impressed. We purchased a 2015 about a month ago and have enjoyed it so far. Colder weather up in Washington state hasn't been as kind to the all EV mileage although we are still happy to be getting 30 miles a day in EV and is more than the daily commute. Hope in a another month or so to see the higher ev range like you. Congrats on your purchase and hope you continue to have fun with it like we have.
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