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First Drive Beyond EV Range of my 2014 Volt

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We had to go from Hemet, CA to San Diego, CA today for our youngest daughter's baby shower. 195 mile round trip. I left the car in Normal Mode. I got a range of 52.1 miles on a full charge and 42 mpg when running in ICE mode. Average mpg of 57.2. I normally do a 26 mile trip to work, recharge there and do the reverse 26 mile trip home for all EV miles.
I am impressed and the more I drive the Volt the more I love it! (We have only had it a month or so). Note: Cruise Control was set at 63 mph for the highway portion of the trip which accounted for an estimated 95% of the miles.

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The first time my '11 turned on it's generator was on day one, a half mile from home.

Those numbers look pretty good! I recently did a similar distance of 130 miles and was able to get 38 miles out of the battery, and 55 MPG average. Not bad for a almost 6 year old car. Same trip with a few hours charging @120V, maybe 12 miles netted 65MPG.

I did the same trip in my 20 year old pickup hauling supplies twice and used almost 20 gallons...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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