Last week on the forum the general manager of Southern California-based Keyes Chevrolet posted it has received word it is getting 2017 Bolts and taking pre-orders.

“Initial allocation is 78; I have 35 deposits so that leaves 43 open slots,” wrote Rick Alpern on the forum of the EV with 238 miles range, starting at $37,495.

In a phone interview today, Alpern confirmed the Van Nuys dealer’s computer terminal from Chevrolet shows the vehicles coming, and he hopes to know more in a couple weeks.

A report of a Silicon Valley dealer also getting an initial allocation – or confirmation Bolts are in the pipeline – was made, and it's assumed others are now getting their allocations.

Alpern said he was told by his GM rep that for now only Oregon and California are getting the first wave, and he hopes also to have vehicles to deliver by end of year.

Given this is an all-new model launch, timing remains unclear, and actual ordering of specific trim and options is not yet available.

Alpern said typically GM will want to ensure a new car is fully ready, and cited the original extended-range Volt which sat for 10 weeks initially while Chevrolet made sure all was good to go.

“I am hoping to be able to have inventory in by the end of the year,” said Alpern, adding he also hopes it will be sooner but cannot promise anything at this point.

The pre-orders he is taking are at this stage for a place in line, and some customers have given Keyes a wish list, which Alpern said he will fulfill as he is able.

What Chevrolet’s plans for the rest of the country are is unclear, timing-wise, but the automaker has said the Bolt will be a 50-state car, and that it is “not a compliance car.”

In fact, 78 units promised is a large allocation, and Alpern said when his dealership – which is among the top five in California – got its first Volt allocation for 2011, they only got three.

Allocations are given according to sales volume patterns, and since this is a major dealer, it is getting a sizable first promise of inventory – and not for nothing, as the dealer reports only 43 out of 78 are left after just couple days or so.

“We’re very excited and enthusiastic to have that product,” said Alpern speaking of the high range. “Two hundred and thirty eight [miles], you know as a general manager I’m pretty darned enthusiastic.”

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