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Finding the right TPMS sensor? (2014 Volt)

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I am finding a lot of conflicting Part Numbers and "compatibility" listings for my 2014 Volt

Do I just need to look for any ACDelco TPMS that runs at 315 (314.9) Mhz, or a ACDelco specific model number? Every cross reference (and every forum thread) I look at shows something different? doesn't even list what TPMS I should be using *sigh*

I have a set of these in my eBay shopping cart, it says they will work, but other PN cross references say it won't?
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I bought this set for my 2014 last month. Same PN as what you posted. They worked perfectly, and it was the best price I could find.
Thanks for the links. My TPMS sensors (2013 Volt) appear to be konking out randomly. If I buy these sensors separately, will tire shops take them and use them when I get my tires replaced (my tires are due for a change). I don't think my Chevy Dealer will allow that.
I put them on a second set of wheels, and the tire shop just installed them like they would any other valve stem. No issue whatsoever. I wouldn't buy tires at the dealer anyway, unless they were running some sort of awesome special deal.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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