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Finally, I located an annoying squeak from the rear hatch area!

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For some time, I had a squeak coming from the rear hatch area. It sounded like it was coming from the latch area. I kept looking, touching, trying to make the area squeak and no luck

I then narrowed the squeak to the rear removable console. It sounded like the removable console unit was squeaking due to looseness. I added some foam pieces and the problem seemed to go away for while. It eventually came back and seemed to be worse, especially in the cold.

I removed the rear removable console again, and when I did, I bumped into the plastic where the removable console locks into. I suddenly heard the squeak. Finally!

I managed to get the squeak to stop by removing the 3 screws in the back part of the bottom section of the rear console, lifted up a bit and then wedged a piece of thicker dense rubber right in the area where the rear most screw goes. I put all the screws back in, tightened and squeak is gone. It looks like the plastic hits areas along where it rests on the car metal and when it moves it squeaks. The rubber wedge creates enough lift/clearance that it no longer squeaks.
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