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Finally happened...2017 dead

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Hi all, 2017 Volt here, almost 109k on the ol' ticker. Got to work yesterday with 22 miles on the GOM. Got in the car to drive home and it's at 1 with the CEL on. A few times restarting it, the number climbed from 1 to 22 then I got it started and drove straight to get a new 12v battery, thinking that was the issue. I had the original 12v battery and it said it needed to be charged (according to the guy at batteries plus). Got it changed, drove home and charged it overnight. Got in this morning and had the CEL and has the same faults as last night (see image). I will be getting the car towed to the Chevy dealer to get diagnosed with, probably a BECM. Any advice for me?
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Yes, those codes are the BECM. GIven that you're out of warranty, please post the repair price. Most of the replacements were under warranty. Hopefully you have a 2nd car. As Steverino stated, the wait time is long on this.
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