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finally picked up a white 2013 with 30K on it for a price i was happy with. i had been looking for one for about a year that had the features i wanted and im glad i finally got what i wanted aside from the exterior color which i will be fixing come nicer weather with a forum post.

i need your help though...and its with the backup camera. the ultra wide angle is can nearly see sideways too with it. but the quality is beyond awful. its slightly blurry it has chromatic aberrations it does not seem to read mid tones well at all and at night it is damn near useless. i backed up to a black car that was maybe 5 feet away and all you could see was the slight reflection in the headlight reflectors from the backup lamp.

so heres my question.

do any of you know if the 2014 / 2015 or maybe the 2011/2012 had better backup cameras? I read some had lines...then they were removed....then they were brought back, some even report bendy lines...

i want to replace this factory camera but prefer a direct fit OEM one than to splice and test wires. can you folks help me out? does someone make an improved aftermarket OEM style camera for these? im looking for plug and play stuff...lines not necessary but nice to have.

thanks in advance
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You can get a better camera from GM, but you'll probably have to pay.

On my 2013, during warranty, I had reported the poor quality and referenced a bulletin on it, and they replaced it with a better part number. Looks much better now.
+1 -- If you have 30K miles and the car is still within 3 years of in-service TAKE IT IN. This is a known issue on the 2013s and should be fixed under warranty. I had the same problem and now the formerly-blurry camera is crystal clear.

If they give you a hard time, locate the TSB for it and bring it in. Oftentimes, a GOOD dealer with cover a known issue outside the warranty period.
Next time the light is on, call OnStar right away. They WILL give you the code--but you need to ask. They never, ever offer it and sometimes may hem and haw a bit. Write it down.
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