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finally picked up a white 2013 with 30K on it for a price i was happy with. i had been looking for one for about a year that had the features i wanted and im glad i finally got what i wanted aside from the exterior color which i will be fixing come nicer weather with a forum post.

i need your help though...and its with the backup camera. the ultra wide angle is can nearly see sideways too with it. but the quality is beyond awful. its slightly blurry it has chromatic aberrations it does not seem to read mid tones well at all and at night it is damn near useless. i backed up to a black car that was maybe 5 feet away and all you could see was the slight reflection in the headlight reflectors from the backup lamp.

so heres my question.

do any of you know if the 2014 / 2015 or maybe the 2011/2012 had better backup cameras? I read some had lines...then they were removed....then they were brought back, some even report bendy lines...

i want to replace this factory camera but prefer a direct fit OEM one than to splice and test wires. can you folks help me out? does someone make an improved aftermarket OEM style camera for these? im looking for plug and play stuff...lines not necessary but nice to have.

thanks in advance
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do you happen to have a part number? ill check with the dealer on monday. i just put about 2K miles on it since picking it up (drove from nj upstate NY then back downstate then upstate then to pittsburgh then to the city now back upstate.) i did get the car a bumper to bumper warranty but would like to know of the part number in case i decide to just do it myself if the dealer turns out to suck. i remember the local chevy dealer being a VW dealer too and after doing a bad job respraying 2 cars there and sending me with my passat on a road trip where the fuel line popped out of the engine 30 miles away i decided not to deal with them again. they have always managed to delay, half ass, and jerk me around for my money every time and after repeated arguing and phone calls i realized the problem was me...being their customer.
ok folks heres the update. took it to the dealer. they told me they have a memo from chevy about poor camera performance for that model year and are replacing it. since the car is newly purchased im also getting an inspection. they said all recalls are up to date on it already. i also had a disappearing check engine light (which i called onstar about) and they informed me it was a minor error with the onboard battery charger and it should clear itself up. the light came and went and when it returned i made this appointment but by the time i made it there i had gone off again. the dealer recommends i bring it in when it turns on again so they can at least note the error ( dont know why they dont call onstar or why onstar doesnt keep records of previous diagnostics synched with the service records of the vehicle).

heres the fun part. i took phtos with my phone of the backup camera screen at day AND night from before and waiting to get the call to pick up the car so i can take a new set of day/ night with the replaced camera. illl ten post here for you guys to see the difference. question is should i make a specific thread of this camera issue alone with the photos for other unknowing volt owners that may wonder what the actual f*** is up with their factory camera??

any suggestions as far as that check engine issue are welcome.
come nicer weather i plan on doing a few tweaks to the looks of the car...hopefully ill make a thread about those as well. in the mean time look up lastidip then more importantly look up AUTOFLEX. im heavily debating doing a diy with that...for a factory type color change that is reversible ofcourse...maaaybe in the summer.
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