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I offered to pay a monthly fee to own the spot outright but instead they will be paying the electricity and when a second EV comes along we'll be assigned specific days to avoid hassles. If more than 2 EVs emerge, they'll probably add more chargers. I also donated the SPX while they paid the install and electricity which helps. I met with senior management months ago to sell it and focused on the positivies. Positive publicity, co-workers feeling good about the company attempting to be green and most importantly they might lose top shelf future employees that want a charge spot at work. Those applicants might drive though first to check for spots before applying etc...
You've done a great job of developing a plan and getting it in place. That's a nice piece of planning. You've also benefited from not having twenty EV owners all looking for a spot. Ultimately I think people have to pay somehow because you can never provide enough of a free good. But that's down the road, and for you a donation of an SPX charger is definitely "paying".
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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