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Finally decided on tires--P7

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My 2013 (original owner) has OEM Goodyears and I've had zero serious problems (just a slow leak in one tire for about the past 6 months). It's almost 4 years and 52,000 miles or so, so it's time. I still have even tread and could probably go another few thousand miles, but I'll try to hit the 7,500 mile multiple for rotations at 52,500.

I can't believe how much info there is here on tire selection. I wanted something that was less noisy than the OEMs, handled decently, wouldn't kill my range too much, would wear well, and not cost a fortune. After reading hundreds of posts, and seeing the prices at my preferred source, I decided on the Pirelli Cinturato P7s.

I get them this Saturday and I'll post with my review once I've had enough miles to make a good assessment. Thanks to everyone who posted their tire thoughts.
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If range is a priority, consider using Michelin Energy Saver LRR tires...
I've been running P7's for around 40,000 miles. At 42 PSI, I can't see any range or economy reduction form the original Goodyear's. Give them a little extra air and they do great.
I ran P7s on my 2012 Cruze ECO Manual for about 45 thousand miles. Other than not getting even close to the rated tread wear they are a good LRR tire, with better all around traction, including snow & slush, than the OEM Goodyear FuelMax Assurance. When they start cupping and getting noisy you'll have at most 10K miles left on them.

My fuel economy took about a 5% hit with the P7s but I did recover about half of this during the life of the tires.
If range is a priority, consider using Michelin Energy Saver LRR tires...
I'm a Michelin fan but $200/tire (Tirerack) for the 215/55-17 size is a bit much.
I just installed. I P7 plus tires on my 2013 Volt. The ride and noise have noticeably improved. However, my range has taking a 5-8 mile per charge hit. If that does not improve it could wind up costing me about $150 per year in fuel economy. I am considering taking the tires back to Discount Tire and asking for the Bridgestone Ecopia tires instead. Any thoughts?
I took the same range hit when they were first installed, but over the next few thousand miles it crept back up. Now (5,000 miles in) it's down to just about a 3 mile difference, and I'm told it will continue to improve. Give them time.
I went back to Discount Tire and discussed my range dropping 10-20% with the Pirelli P7+ tires. Over the past 600 miles or so they have come back a bit, up to about 37 when I usually got 40-42 miles of EV range with the Badyears @ 44 PSI. I asked if I had to make a decision within 30 days of purchase and the manager said take whatever time you like. I priced out swapping the Bridgestone Ecopias for the P7+'s and it would come to about $150. more. I decided to keep the Pirellis rolling @ 44 PSI to see if there's any improvement. I like the tires otherwise.
I just had new P7's installed on my 2014 Volt. The problem was no tire shop near me had four 215 55 R17 in stock. So I decided to go the on-line route and I bought the four P7's from a tire distributor on Amazon for $420 all in. They were delivered to my front door by FedEx in five days. It was interesting, each tire had an individual FedEx label taped to it. I also bought the tire installation service from Amazon for $80. Amazon sets up the appointment for you at one of their auto repair partners that you select. I checked out the auto repair company that was close on Yelp and they had two dozen 5 star reviews. Installation took over an hour from the time I arrived and there no issues. I really like these tires so far.
I have a set of these (p7 cinturator's) sitting in my garage waiting to go on my 2017. I have 28K on the clock, don't need new tires just yet, but got a good deal via discounttiredirect for labor day.

Expecting a little bit of range drop, but also expecting way better performance in the wet. The Michelin energy savers weren't exactly confidence inspiring in the rain.
Bought a new set of tires for my 2014 Volt. I bought a new set of Goodyear Assurance tires. They are the fuel max tires but they are different than the OEM tires. The have more plies in the sidewall (stiffer) they have a wider tread width (8.5" versus 7") they have a deeper tread depth. So the car has 21% more rubber on the ground and stiffer side walls. The tires are quieter, the car handles like a different car and feels much more planted on the road. Currently losing about 3 miles of range. I drive highway 17 (Santa Cruz) every day.

The OEM tires are "ringer" tires for the EPA cycle- they were made to be lighter (3 lbs) to help with range certification. So the thin side walls mess with the handling and are prone to damage. I guess I am saying the replacement Goodyear tires are good- nothing like the OEM tires. They are made in the USA and Goodyear had a free install deal- I paid $608 out the door. I think a lot of people are put off by the OEM version of the tires. Just want you all to know the replacement tires are worth a look.

I could not get the P7's in my area.
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