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Finally decided on tires--P7

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My 2013 (original owner) has OEM Goodyears and I've had zero serious problems (just a slow leak in one tire for about the past 6 months). It's almost 4 years and 52,000 miles or so, so it's time. I still have even tread and could probably go another few thousand miles, but I'll try to hit the 7,500 mile multiple for rotations at 52,500.

I can't believe how much info there is here on tire selection. I wanted something that was less noisy than the OEMs, handled decently, wouldn't kill my range too much, would wear well, and not cost a fortune. After reading hundreds of posts, and seeing the prices at my preferred source, I decided on the Pirelli Cinturato P7s.

I get them this Saturday and I'll post with my review once I've had enough miles to make a good assessment. Thanks to everyone who posted their tire thoughts.
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I actually (contrary to my usual) went the the website for the service department where I bought the car. They have a "tire finder" feature on the website, which includes an offer to match anyone's price (which I didn't need to invoke, since their prices were surprisingly competitive already). It had the P7s and about 35 other options.
So its been a few days. Already a noticeably quieter ride. There is a range hit, though any new tire will temporarily reduce range until they wear down a little, so I'm not worried about that yet. I'll post again after a few thousand miles. They seem to handle very well. I outgrew my crazy driving phase some years ago, so I'll probably never give them a real handling test, but they feel fine for old man driving.
Update on my P7s

Now it's been almost 3,000 miles. Noise level is still lower than the OEMs. Handling is fine. The range hit crept back up steadily and now seems to have leveled out. Same basic commute, same season temperature-wise as one year ago, same PSI (40-42). Last year I averaged 47-51 miles per charge. Now I'm averaging 44-47. So about a 3-4 mile hit. I'm happy with my choice.
I just installed. I P7 plus tires on my 2013 Volt. The ride and noise have noticeably improved. However, my range has taking a 5-8 mile per charge hit. If that does not improve it could wind up costing me about $150 per year in fuel economy. I am considering taking the tires back to Discount Tire and asking for the Bridgestone Ecopia tires instead. Any thoughts?
I took the same range hit when they were first installed, but over the next few thousand miles it crept back up. Now (5,000 miles in) it's down to just about a 3 mile difference, and I'm told it will continue to improve. Give them time.
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