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Finally decided on tires--P7

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My 2013 (original owner) has OEM Goodyears and I've had zero serious problems (just a slow leak in one tire for about the past 6 months). It's almost 4 years and 52,000 miles or so, so it's time. I still have even tread and could probably go another few thousand miles, but I'll try to hit the 7,500 mile multiple for rotations at 52,500.

I can't believe how much info there is here on tire selection. I wanted something that was less noisy than the OEMs, handled decently, wouldn't kill my range too much, would wear well, and not cost a fortune. After reading hundreds of posts, and seeing the prices at my preferred source, I decided on the Pirelli Cinturato P7s.

I get them this Saturday and I'll post with my review once I've had enough miles to make a good assessment. Thanks to everyone who posted their tire thoughts.
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I have a bias for Michelin: Premier All-Season or Defender All-Season. I am using the Michelin X-Ice Winter tire in the mountains year-round on my Volt. Previously, I used the Defender All-Season on a Prius.
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