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Finally bought Volt ACC loaded.

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Yesterday, I bought Volt.
I can be an official member of here now. yeah~

ACC was so awesome during test driving.
But the price is pretty beyond my budget.

Anyway, that volt is not in my hand now.
They told me it is not ready to drive yet because LICENSE PLATE is not equipped yet.
( is that true? car which does not equipped License plate can't go on road. )

They promised to deliver car and contract document on next Wednesday.
Of course, I gave them my check.
Since I decided to buy it without any financing or leasing, this check is just my first and final payment.

Now, I don't have car, contract documents( I have signed all of them already ) and check.
Is this common situation while purchasing car in CA?
Is there anything I should concern about?

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Usually you drive the car home. All it takes is a document taped to the front windshield to make it legal. I suppose there is some kind of prep work that needs to be done but the license plate holder is not a show stopper and the plates are sent in the mail from the DMV.
That's what I did with mine. Temp plate taped to the rear window. They took my check, I drove the Volt home. In states where a front plate is required the dealer typically will add the mount if it's not already there. But that will not prevent the car from being legal on the road while a temp plate is on it.
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