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Final Response To the Negativity of the Pundants Volt Deals

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Happiness is a New Volt in your driveway. Go green , Goodbye Gas Pump and a quick spirited ride. :cool:
The truth is I have sold over 300 Volts on the Forum and have had so many happy , enthusiastic customers who drive my desire to want to continue using this Forum. Many deals along the time have been actual losses, but have allowed me to hit incentive opportunities and most important have allowed my store Keyes Chevy to earn allocation. Our customers come from places close and far. We do not use ghost posters, nor do we do anything but attempt to make the buying or leasing process of a Volt easy. I have actually enjoyed the moronic posters who attempt to make light or complain about things like posts, type sizes or whatever. Without those brillian people what would be do. If the moderators would chose to ask us not to perform the services we have, which by the way are mutually beneficial then so be it. I am not sure of one other GM of a store who is active or accessable as I am. I post mt cell, answer most texts and emails quickly and provide information for those who buy and just those who needhelp in other states. Perhaps those who simply take shots because either they do not like type size, short time sales, multiple text or perhaps are pundants of my competition follow the guidelines of free speech. Sean originally posted my information after I helped him for 45 minutes go over the benefits of the Volt. I then intstituded a realtion with senior GM Volt team members, have had Volt events at our store. I have had salespeople leave and try the same approach at competitive stores and still they try but continue to price higher then I do. rarely is there a trade we do not step up to or a deal we pass. Now that being said we are on a mission to sell 90 more Volts before the end of April, Yes GM has an incentive that will help drive this. Up to 3000 back of Invoice , not sticker should help those on the fence want to climb over. Thank you ! Rick Alpern 818 231 1286 GM Keyes Chevy and Volt superstore Van Nuys Ca
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Thank you for your input. I wil try to take the time to write with better skill.
Go Volts 3000 back
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