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Just want to let everybody know since I got a bare-bones LT to go along with our premier that I have previously installed a FenSens aftermarket license plate based, Bluetooth connected parking assist device that is hooked up to either an android phone or an iPhone.

It has sensors in the license plate frame and provides similar visual and oral warnings to the smartphone that you get on the DIC on the premiers. It is not too expensive. I previously installed this on our Chrysler minivan, and it works fine, although it frankly works a bit better on android than it does on iPhone (but is still useable and useful). I intend to add this to the front license plate of the LT that we just got.

Just wanted everyone with an LT to know about it. It relies on lithium AA batteries for power but requires no other installation aside from hooking it up to the license plate, and supposedly the batteries have to be changed about every six months or so. I’m not going to bother adding one to the LT’s rear since the rear has the backup camera with the color-coded distance lines.

I just ordered the one for the LT and it is for a little while $35 off, so $115.

Use Code 35OFF.

They are coming up with a no install license plate based wireless backup camera soon, their website says, which may be of interest to some Gen 1 folks.

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