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Feeling the steering

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I can feel the movement of my steering system under my left foot. I am wondering whether the grabbing of my cabin floor by the steering components is a mechanical problem. My foot feels like the steering is getting caught on the carpet. I have also experienced steering grab on the wheel. The issues seem to arise in winter driving conditions. 2013 Volt Premium.
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I did not have the update done on the steering. Thank you for mentioning the problem. I bought my Volt used and only had problems earlier with the rear hatch struts and key antenna, both covered under warranty replacement.
"Look under the dash. The steering shaft is plainly visible going thru the floor. See if anything is interfering with it."

Now, I feel stupid. I thought the steering shaft movement would be in an enclosed housing. When I discovered the exposed rotating shaft, I realized that the rubber floor mat was rubbing against the shaft causing a sensation to reach my left foot during hard turns. Issue resolved, thanks to Voganni.
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