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I had a thread going in the ELR forum on some general ELR questions. The discussion evolved into details about the Federal Tax credit and I thought I'd post it here in case someone with a similar Volt experience might be able to help.

The car I'm considering purchasing is a 2014 ELR with 24K miles. The car is a GM program car and has never been titled (dealer has the MSO and Carfax does not show any entries indicating it had been titled). The warranty, however, did start in November 2013.

I need to find out for sure if I can claim the $7500 Federal credit. My understanding was that as long as the vehicle has not been titled that I should be good to go, but the fact that the warranty had started already has me concerned about eligibility for the credit.

Has anyone purchased a Demo or GM program car in a similar situation and had any issues getting the Federal credit?

Thanks for your help.
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