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February 2017 - Any new Bolt EV deals?

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Anyone heard anything info about any new February incentives?

I think last month they had bonus tag stuff around -- did that end on Jan 31st?

What about Private Offers ?

Or maybe Bolt sales are too good (which is a mixed blessing for us)
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Dublin Chevy is now doing $1800 off on Bolts.
To be clear that's one dealer advertising a discount off MSRP vs an incentive...

Bolt EV isn't available in FL and dealers were warned to not sell them out of state...As far as incentives go, P.O.s have not been active for months and because GM has not activated any of the usual incentives (even incentives are available on the niche Z06 Vette) it wouldn't be super surprising that if P.O.s came back that they'll decide to exclude the Bolt EV...

If incentives are what one seeks, Volt and Spark EV are the better deals...
Community Chevy Burbank, CA $239 lease. I bet $200 or below in 6 months! If memory serves me correct there was a SoCal dealer with $0 down and $269 or $289 a month.
No one has reported anything remotely close to this even in the lease hacker site, where super low deals are bragged about however sometimes folks take the $2500 state incentive and divide it by 36 which can make the effective payment $69.44/mo less...Ignoring that, I haven't seen anyone yet break the $0 down $360/mo...
To add, when I posted I still have not seen anyone report a $0 down $360 lease, but for April GM increased the CCR by a grand so it's now $3500...As Charge pointed out below it's possible with a $2500 sales price discount (off a base non-DCFC Bolt) assuming your zip is in a 8% zone...So factoring in the CA $2500 rebate it's now an effective payment of $290.XX/mo and it would appear no matter your tax rate in CA, a sub $300/mo effective payment shouldn't require much work...Forum sponsors at one time offered $3K off, so perhaps you could even add in DCFC and/or more mileage and still have a sub-$300/mo payment...
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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