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Hi All,

I have 15 radio presets set in my '17 Volt - all of which are for Sirius/XM. I typically use the Favorites buttons on the steering wheel to roll through them when searching for something to listen to. A few days ago, I noticed something odd whereby the list of favorites invoked by pressing one of the steering wheel's Favorites buttons is a slightly different list from those in the Infotainment display's list. There are AM and FM presets in the steering wheel's list that aren't in the radio's list of presets as shown on the main Infotainment screen. I went into the "Manage Favorites" section of the Settings UI and confirmed that the system is set to 15 favorites and all 15 listed are correct. I even had that screen up when I started scrolling through the favorites with the steering wheel buttons and noticed that the buttons scrolled to a station that wasn't in the favorites list. Very Odd.

Anyone else come across this issue? BTW, I should mention that I set up my favorites nearly 2 years ago when I bought the car, and have been using the steering wheel method with no issues for that entire time up until a few days ago. I guess I can clear out all presets and re-set them up, but that's a pain.

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