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Fan Speed, Auto Super ECO, 12 amp charging, better rear view mirror.

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1. Fan Speed buttons require a long reach and you have to look at the screen to see the speed change. Please replace it with a knob.
2. I wish there was another setting in between ECO and FAN, Super ECO Auto. I find myself adjusting the climate controls simply to save electricity, not for comfort. When the temperature is 80-85, ECO seems to use more energy than I need.
3. Add a charging rate pushbutton that you press to toggle between 12 amps versus 8. Real pain to turn on radio and work you way to charging screen. Buttons on the charging screen are very small. I have missed the 12 amp button a couple times when attempting to press it. Maybe you could use the existing Charging Port Open button to toggle to 12 amps if you press it again after opening the DOOR.
4. I am 6' 1" and the rear view mirror does not adjust very well. I know it rotates about two pivot points, but it does not pivot very far on the mirror pivot point. This causes me to raise the mirror a little when I am only trying to pivot the mirror. Then this causes the overhead plastic to block part of the view.
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I don't change climate controls much when it is hot and it works great efficiency-wise for me.
- ECO (1/2 of COMFORT energy usage AFAIK),
- FanSpeed 2 (% efficiency number it does not seem to matter FanSpeed 1 or 2),
- 75F,
- dash vents only (vs auto),
- 3 vents pointed at me and right most passenger vent closed.

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"use the existing Charging Port Open button to toggle to 12 amps if you press it again"
on the 2014 that would be a good idea as it will not open the port

Would they really re-design the door just to remove one button ?
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