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Fan only but AC is on

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I have 2018 volt with less than 2000 miles. I have set the temperature to the lowest, and the knob says LOW. Then I ran a low speed fan, the display says Fan Only. But as I was driving I started to get cool air that is much cooler than outside temperature (75). I can tell AC is running. The Eco or Max buttons are all turned off.

Why is the AC running for the fan only mode? How can I force the AC not to run?
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Gotcha. So I went and read more and came up with another question. The manual says

When in Fan Only mode, the air
conditioning system may turn on
automatically if the high voltage
battery is being cooled. The climate
control system could blow cold air.
This is normal. To prevent cold air
from blowing into the interior, turn off
the fan control and select the vent
mode and manual recirculation
mode, and close the air vents.

So during fan only mode, the car turns on AC to cool the battery as needed to cool it down, but if I manually turn off the fan, the battery is no longer cool?
Those two things should be independent of each other? Are we talking about cooling the cabin so that the cooler cabin indirectly cools the battery underneath the rear seat? Aren't there any coolant going around the battery already? Why is fan only mode getting involved in cooling the temperature of the battery?
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Where do I select the vent mode?

I tried to play around with the control, I am not sure I am getting the vent mode or not (I haven't got a chance to drive at high speed to detect if any outside air is coming through the vent or not). If I hit the power button to turn off the fan, do I get into the vent mode automatically?
Referring back to page 158 "Vent mode" means select the face vent (#11 right) and turn on recirculating air (#5) and close the vents.
But if I turn on recirculating air (#5), doesn't it mean the outside air is not coming in, but the inside air is being recirculated? I wanted the outside air to come through from the moving car.
Thanks, Barry. I got it now.
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