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Fan only but AC is on

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I have 2018 volt with less than 2000 miles. I have set the temperature to the lowest, and the knob says LOW. Then I ran a low speed fan, the display says Fan Only. But as I was driving I started to get cool air that is much cooler than outside temperature (75). I can tell AC is running. The Eco or Max buttons are all turned off.

Why is the AC running for the fan only mode? How can I force the AC not to run?
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You've got it slightly backwards. Let me try to explain. If the fan is on and the battery needs cooling the A/C will come on. To prevent too cool an interior, turn off the fan. The cooled coolant will continue to be circulated through the battery, keeping it within it's limits. The fan isn't involved with cooling the battery, just the interior. So now we have the battery being cooled by the pumped cooled coolant. To address the interior with the fan making it too cool you can select the vent mode where the air pressure of the moving car (fan is off)will circulate the outside air through the car. You can adjust the amount and direction by manually adjusting the air vents as to volume and direction.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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