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Failing door lock actuators

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Around a year and a half ago, my passenger-side front door lock actuator failed and it was replaced under warranty. Last week, my driver-side rear door lock started exhibiting the same symptoms and has since died. I made an appointment to bring the car into the dealership for repair for next week.

Well - today, I saw that my passenger-side rear door lock has also stopped working as well. That's failure of three out of the four door lock actuators in under three years.

Is this a common thing on the Gen 2s or am I just lucky?
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Door locks not working

There is a very small, cheap, spring metal switch under each door button. If you push hard on the switch, it will not hurt it but if this successfully locks or unlocks the door then the switch has probably got heavily tarnished or oxidized contacts. The membrane switch cannot be replaced so an entire new handle needs to be installed. The original handle covers can be used on the new handles as long as they are OEM handles. I bought white handles for my 2013 but had to remove and replace the white covers with my original black ones. A wide blade screwdriver can be wedged under the front of the new handle before mounting and twisted to remove the handle covers allowing exchange of the plastic painted covers.
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