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Failing door lock actuators

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Around a year and a half ago, my passenger-side front door lock actuator failed and it was replaced under warranty. Last week, my driver-side rear door lock started exhibiting the same symptoms and has since died. I made an appointment to bring the car into the dealership for repair for next week.

Well - today, I saw that my passenger-side rear door lock has also stopped working as well. That's failure of three out of the four door lock actuators in under three years.

Is this a common thing on the Gen 2s or am I just lucky?
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my rear driver door lock stopped working for almost a year. Since I'm out of warranty, the dealer wanted to charge me $125 for a diagnostics. I declined. When the weather started getting warm, it started working again out of the blue. Now that it's getting cold, it stopped working again. oh well, that's been my luck with this car.
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