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F-pace, i-pace, now e-pace - what is jaguar thinking?

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The f-pace is already in the wild, a nice CUV/SUV platform with an ICE in it. Then they introduced the i-pace concept which is all electric. Now they introduce the E-pace which is a compact CUV with an icer. Talk about confusing branding.
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Confusing for all the people who don't know or think Jaguar and might assume E for electric. But they had the E Type a long time again. The I-Type was their electric concept.
No, I-type is their formula E race car. I-pace is their ev concept car.
I'm keeping my eye on the Volvo XC90. If they could get it's all electric range above 50 miles I'd be tempted to sell both my 2017 GMC Acadia and Volt and could easily live with that ONE vehicle.
But for the price of the XC90, just a little more and you could get a model X. But I much prefer the Volvo over the X, but for silly reasons. The model X scares me with all that glass above the driver and passenger, then the falcon wing doors which are poised to let all sorts of snow into the cabin area after a heavy snowstorm.

The next 5 years will be interesting. I've had my volt for 4 years and really, not much has changed. Still waiting for this onstaught of electrified vehicles.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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