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F*** NY State on Bolt EV rebate!

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Okay, so after much waiting , Bolts are finally starting to trickle... and I do mean trickle (like one Bolt at just two dealerships in a county with 1.5million people) in to the area.

Got to drive a Orange Premier yesterday... it was as good as I envisioned.
In my best Trump'ish tweet tone... "fantastic car...want one!"

Here's the rub.....

NY State is only starting their $2000 EV rebate for EV's purchased on or after April 1st 2017. :mad: :mad:
So even if the dealers get the Bolts on the lot... no one in NY will buy one till April 1st due to procrastination up in Albany since they okay'd the $2000 EV Rebate program in last April (2016).

So we finally get Bolts in NY... physically available to purchase and literally drive home today... but they will sit unsold till April 1st.

FWIW- no discounts either... 100% sticker price! :(

How's that for a kick in the produce section.....
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One thing for sure... if NY is giving back $2K, I'm not passing that up.
As far as I'm concerned- if it takes till December for them to get their act together... I'll wait.

I just hope the clueless dealers aren't telling Bolt buyers it's a $2k NY State tax credit and it's up to them to deal with it on their 2017 tax returns.
NY has finally released the official details on it's $2000 Point-of-Sale EV rebate program that starts 4/1/17:

The Bolt will qualify for the full $2,000 POS rebate.
The Volt will qualify for $1,700 POS rebate.
Prius Prime qualifies for $1,100 POS rebate.
I think the program started yesterday.
Your dealer has to be on the official "Participating Dealers" list too....
61 - 64 of 64 Posts
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